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Most people call me Bing.


I assume the only people who read pages like these are immediate family.


Hi, mom. 



I grew up taking photos with my old man, reading fantasy books and obsessively rewatching movies until the VHS tape would break. Then I got my hands on a video camera.

My love for images met my love of story.

"Story", in those days was about as advanced as filming my friends running full speed into padded gymnasium walls, pranking teachers and other such nonsense. Film school gave me time to find my voice. I was drawn to becoming a Cinematographer.  I've since found a footing in the commercial world. 

I get most excited about visually driven content, subject matter that inspires and collaborating with unique directors. Walking around a location, designing shots, that collaboration is where I feel most at home.


References help me communicate or understand a vibe. 

I love dramatic, soft light, story-driven camerawork and art direction. Color can't be overlooked! 

How can we elevate a story through the composition? The movement? These talks excite me.

I like to have a plan, but to stay present and explorative on the day. Shots don't always reveal themselves until you're in the room with the actor, the lighting, when it all fully comes to life sometimes little bits of magic reveal themselves.


When it makes sense, I like to light in a way that allows for flexibility while creating beautiful shape. I value that exploration more and more with time.  

I love the challenge of bringing a director's vision to life even when it seems daunting.

Especially when it is daunting.


(Or if we get to fly somewhere nice, that works too). 

--> Accepting challenges at 


- bing

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